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Sans Undertale. Bad Time Loading by DiamondPope32
Sans Undertale. Bad Time Loading
So I tried uploading my sketch of this but it wouldn't work for some reason. So I did an animated version. Hope everyone likes it!~
I do not own Undertale.
Re edited again- Please read the description by DiamondPope32
Re edited again- Please read the description
Another one of my ocs I finally drew. However even after all this time, she still remains nameless. I may need help.
Also, she's saying "Merry Christmas to everyone!"
Edit: I just remembered she was actually the personification of Christmas.
Re edit- I decided she'll actually be the Persona of Christmas/Daughter of Santa. I might make a story for her. That one day, more than likely Christmas or Christmas eve, when she appeared that Santa took her in from the icy cold of the north pole and raised her.
Happy Night by DiamondPope32
Happy Night
Writer chan again!~ I absolutely /ADORE/ the night!~ Especially calm, clear starry nights! Cx Eeee!~ Sorry! I'm a nerd I know. Either way. I hope you enjoy my happy face starring at stars. xP Bye byyyye!~


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Morgen Pope
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I love yaoi pics and fanfictions! Especialy the pairings of Seto and Joey and Seth and Jono from Yu-Gi-Oh!
:icondahub: Is giving free points! Just follow these instructions and visit their page
Bullet; Blue 

This page details the procedure for earning points through dAhub.  Points may be earned by watching, faving and/or giving llama badges to the users listed in the respective sections in the dAhub Donation Widget.  Additional points may be earned by posting a journal or modifying your signature as detailed in the Referral Network Guidelines

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Users who have donated points to dAhub are featured in the Donation Widget.  Watch, fav and send llama badges to some of the users listed in the respective "Watch", "Fav" and "Llama" sections.  Leave one comment on my profile page and I will send you points.

You do not need to specify which users you have watch/fav/llama'd, these will be programmatically discovered.  You will receive the same number of points for commenting "done" as if you listed every user you watch/fav/llama'd

Please only leave one comment at a time.  If you watch/fav/llama some users, leave a comment, and then watch/fav/llama more users, do notleave any more comments until you receive a reply.  The first reply you receive will summarize your earnings across all your unanswered posts.

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When you leave a comment, a program will review your recent activity.

You will be sent points that correspond to 50% of what the original donor gave for each watch/fav/llama.

Users must have a Donation Widget set up on their profile page in order to receive points.  Any earnings generated by a user will be held until a Donation Widget has been added to that user's page.  A tutorial on how to add a donation widget to your page can be found [here]

Any fractional point earnings will be combined with future transactions.

Only the first 2 favs given to any user featured in the "fav" section will be reimbursed for points

Users who habitually watch and unwatch donors may be banned without notice.  If you do not intend to watch each featured user for at least a week, do not watch them.

Bullet; Red 
Eligibility Requirements

Only established user accounts may receive points for giving watch/fav/llamas.

You may only earn points though your home account.  The following accounts are not eligible to earn points:
  • Point accounts (whose primary purpose is to transfer points to and/or from users.  Accounts with avatars that reference points are also considered point accounts)
  • PLZ accounts (whose primary purpose is to use the account's avatar as an icon in text)
  • Stock accounts (whose primary purpose is to host resources outside of the home account)
  • Adopt/Breeder accounts (whose primary purpose is to showcase and sell drawings outside of one's home account)
  • Bank accounts (whose primary purpose is to collect points for another account)
  • Ask accounts (whose primary purpose is to have the account operator role play as a fictional character)
  • Duplicate and alternate accounts
  • Abusive accounts (accounts that watch then quickly unwatch donors)
If your account is flagged as violating one of more of the above restrictions, this is a permanent status.  If you believe your account was erroneously flagged for violating the eligibility requirements, the ban will still stand.  No exceptions will be made under any circumstances.

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Activity Requirements

Only active user accounts may receive points for giving watch/fav/llamas.  Accounts must be a minimum of two weeks old and have a non-default avatar to be eligible to earn points.

Your profile must show clear signs of activity during the recent past.  Empty or incomplete profiles will not be eligible to earn points.  Please use your home account when giving watch/fav/llamas.  If this is your home account, please post comments, journals, deviations, join groups and fav artwork to make your account more active.  Your activity level is compared against other active users; if your level is too low you will be considered inactive.  You must interact with other users on the site to boost your activity level.  Accounts that are flagged for being inactive but then make an effort to be more engaged with the site are typically recognized as being active after roughly one week.

If your account is flagged for being too new, you may return a few days later to be reimbursed for the activity you completed.  Please note that the points you earn will be evaluated based on the users that are featured once your account is of proper age, not when you first leave a comment.  If you watch/fav/llama'd users on the featured list that were removed before your account was old enough, you will not be given points for that activity; you will only be reimbursed points for the watch/fav/llamas given to users that are still featured when your account is old enough.

Bullet; Blue 

Imagine 5 users each donated 30 points to be featured in the watch section.  They expect to receive 18 watchers each as described in theDonation Guidelines.  Each watch costs 1.66 points.  If you watch all 5 of these users, you would receive 4 points ( 0.5 * (1.66+1.66+1.66+1.66+1.66) = 4.2 ).  The remaining 0.2 points would be retained until you earned more points in a future transaction (the 'remaining balance' is 0.2 points).

If you gave 5 favs to user #1 and 2 favs to user #2, you would be reimbursed for the first 2 favs to user #1 and the 2 favs to user #2, earning 1 point: 0.5 * ( 2*0.5 + 2*0.5 ) = 1

Users who donate more than 100 points give slightly reduced payouts per watch/fav/llama in accordance with the Donation Promotion.  Following two users in the watch section who both donated 100 points would earn 1 point and 0.33 remaining balance ( 0.5 * (1.66 + 1.66) / 1.25 = 1.33 )

If a featured user is listed only in the "Watch" section then if you give them a llama badge and do not watch this user, you will be given zero points

Some users think that when a featured user donates 100 points, every user that watches the feature user should receive half of the original donation amount (50 points in this example).  This is not how this service works.


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